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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Gmail's Colored Stars, Undo sent Email and Gmail Delegation features

In our Gmail productivity series, the last post was about Canned Respones. And in this post we will get to know about 3 more useful features viz Gmail's Colored Stars, Undo sent Email and Gmail Delegation.

Gmail's Colored Stars feature, assign different colored stars to to your messages in order of importance

Everyone wants to better organize emails so that important mails can be accessed easily. A nicely organized Gmail inbox keep stress and worry out of your life. Many of us know about Gmail's colored stars feature which is very handy and useful. Using stars in Gmail to remind about important messages or emails. But most of us are not aware that there is more to the Starred section than just yellow icons. We can add red, orange, purple, green, and blue stars, as well as check marks, colored exclamation points, and other items. How to do this, follow these steps.
  1. Click on Gmail settings icon in the upper right corner and from the drop-down menu select Settings.
  2. In settings goto GENERALtab.
  3. Scroll down to Stars section. Now you can drag-and-drop each star/icon to the In use: category from Not in use:.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings screen and click Save Changes.
  5. To add star to a message in your ibox, click it once which gives default yellow color. Click it again and the next star appears. Clicking successively will make the next one in the rotation show up.

Undo A Sent Email In Gmail

Sometimes specially when we are in rush, we may send mails to either wrong recipient or with wrong/missing contents. In such case we wish if we could undo a sent Email. We can. Gmail offers option to undo, delete or edit email even after it is sent. How to set this up, follow these steps.
  1. Click on Gmail settings icon in the upper right corner and from the drop-down menu select Settings.
  2. In settings goto GENERALtab.
  3. Scroll down to UNDO SENT and click Enable. ...
  4. Scroll down and click Save Changes button at the bottom.

Gmail Account Delegation

If you are really a very busy person and wish to delegate the responsibility of handling and responding to your emails to your assistants/colleagues/friends, Gmail’s Email Delegation is a great tool for you. It allows another user to read your email and reply on your behalf. But dont worry, your personal settings and password remain completely private.
To Enable this Email delegation feature, follow theset steps:
  1. Click on Gmail settings icon in the upper right corner and from the drop-down menu select Settings.
  2. In settings goto GENERALtab.
  3. Scroll down to “Accounts and Import” tab, 
  4. Select “Add another account” under the field "Grant access to your account".
  5. Enter the delegate’s address and select “Next Step”. Select “Send email to grant access”.
Gmail will send a confirmation request to the delegate's email account.
Remember well, Gmail delegation cannot be accessed via Gmail's iOS or Android application.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gmail Canned responses feature helps to send similar message over and over


Pre-Write Email Messages with Canned Responses

Gmail Canned Response is surely going to boost your productivity, wanna know how ?

Sometimes we need to type the same message over and over or there may be need for standard similar email reponses or reminder letter to clients or anwering some FAQ or a standard meeting agenda to be mailed, then consider using a Google Lab feature called "Canned Responses." Canned Responses allows you to insert pre-formatted content you create into your messages. You can save an email as a canned response and use it over and over again.

To enable Canned Responses,

1. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of Gmail, then choose Settings.

2. Click the Labs tab,  Canned Responses, click the Enable radio button to enable Canned Responses, scroll down and click Save Changes.

3. Compose an email message which you want to use over and over again, then click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner of the message window. Choose Canned Responses, and under the Save heading, select New Canned Response. Give your response a name and click OK.

4. The next time when you wish to use canned response, compose new mail, click the arrow button in the lower right-hand corner, select Canned Responses, and then under Insert, choose the canned response you created in the previous step. You’ll then see your response appear in the body of your reply.


Canned responses can also be automated to be sent out based on certain criteria (sender, keyword, label, subject and things like that)

Hope these tip may help you save your time and increase your productivity. What you think of this great feature offered by Gmail, please let us know by posting your comment below this post. If you like this post, please share to your friends. You can also read about more Gmail features like Colored Stars, Undo Sent and Email delegation.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Widgets for your blog

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Free RSS Widget : To display posts from other blogs or pages or sites on your blog , you can use Free RSS Widget  by Its easy to build a widget as per your requirements.

SMS Gupshup Widget:  If you use services of for group messages, you can add an SMS Gupshup Widget on your blog or site which will facilitate new members to join your sms group by adding just their mobile number and confirming the verification code. Its a good widget as you dont have to bother to add new members to your group, members can add themselves.

Facebook Like Widget 
Everyone use Facebook and other social networks to get his/her blog or site popular. You can add a facebook like widget to your blog. Its being offered by Facebook itself, just add the HTML/Jave script code given by facebook to your blog.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to book Indian rail tickets online ?

Indian Railways, the largest railway netowork in the world, now offers online reservation facility to its customers right from their desktop. Here is explained  how to book a railway ticket right from your home or office ?
  •  In your browser open the Indian Railway's online booking site And register yourself over it. Registration process is very simple and requires only a valid e-mail address. Follow the instruction and you will get registered.
  • After getting registered, you will receive a password in you inbox. Use your username and password to login to the site.
  • Once you logged on, you can see tabs like plan your travel, book tickets, your booking history etc.
  • If you want to book a ticket, in the 'Plan your Trave' tab, just enter From / Source station, To / Destination station, date of travel and preferred class(Sleeper, 1ST AC etc.) and cick over 'Find Trais Button'. as shown below.


  • On the basis of the information you filled, a list of Trains covering your journey stations will be displayed and availability of seats also displayed. You can see 'Book' button against every class's availability position. Click on 'Book' button to make a booking.
  • You have to fill a form detailing names, age, sex and birth preference details of every passenger.

  • After filling the form, click on 'Go' button and the  'Payment Gateway' screen appears. Choose the payment option and you will be directed to your bank's site where you have to confim the payment. Once you confirm the payment, your ticket gets booked and you can take a print-out.  You are done.